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Wireless Controlled LED Products


Wireless Controlled LED Products

Wireless Controlled LED Products



Wireless Controlled LED Products

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Wireless Controlled LED Products

Overview of RF DMX Technology

Our wireless LED product series includes remote-controlled LED wristbands and other innovative products, each equipped with a built-in wireless radio signal receiver. By using our GFLAI DMX base station, you can easily control up to 100K lighting units and achieve a variety of color and pattern lighting effects. The size of this base station is comparable to that of a shoebox, and it operates on the industry-standard DMX protocol. This means that you can not only control the lighting effects of the wristbands but also synchronize with other lights in the performance, creating a unique and unforgettable experience for your audience.

We are committed to providing innovative solutions to make your events or performances even more spectacular.

Our Process

Please inform us of the required quantity of products, the date of the event, the confirmed delivery location, product technical requirements (partition and frequency), and customer customization requirements (logo design, packaging specifications).



We can provide you with LED products and handle logistics transportation. Additionally, we can guide you on how to preconfigure the desired effects, turning your ideas into reality.

Our Project Responsibility

Step 1:
Requirement Determination: Our sales team will confirm your detailed request, including product appearance and functional requests and delivery time to design a perfect production plan to meet your requirements.

Step 2:
Production and Shipping: Promoting the production according to the plan, we’ll send a video to confirm with you before mass production to avoid understanding deviations. When producing large orders, we will conduct quality inspections according to AQL standards to ensure that the products you receive are free from any quality problems. Shipment will be made by our shipping agency, you just need to prepare the document which will need for clearance.

Step 3:
Technical Support: We will provide tutorials on using DMX and remote control to operate the wristbands until the desired lighting effects created by the wristbands meet or even exceed your expectations.

Order Process

How to Choose the Appropriate Frequency


DMX512 Protocol

DMX (Digital Multiplex) is a communication protocol used for controlling lighting, sound, and stage equipment. It utilizes serial transmission, where the main console sends control signals to multiple receivers. DMX data consists of 512 channels, with each channel controlling a lighting parameter. It employs RS-485 transmission, ensuring unique device addresses. The voltage ranges from 6V to 1A, representing the “off” and “on” states respectively. Receivers decode the DMX signal to adjust the brightness, color, and effects of the lights. DMX enables precise control and creative stage effects.

Handheld Controller White

Handheld Controller



wireless signal transmitter

APP Transmitter

dmx app transmitter

DMX512 Transmitter + APP

RF Repeater

RF Repeater

Related Products

Customized Introduction

LOGO Printing

LOGO Printing

We provide a service for customizing logos on LED products. With the assistance of our professional design team and creative techniques, we embed your unique logo into LED products. By showcasing this distinctive emblem, we aim to accentuate your brand image and leave a profound impression on your audience during events.

Personalized Packaging

We offer customized packaging services through our in-house factory. With exquisite craftsmanship and high-quality materials, we create unique packaging designs. Whether it is shaping brand image or enhancing market competitiveness, we are committed to providing you with professional solutions.

Personalized Packaging​
Customized NFC

Customized RFID/NFC

Enable personalized engagement experiences with the assistance of RFID technology for a more spectacular event! We ingeniously integrate NFC tags into LED products, tailoring individualized LED units for each participant. From entrance management and transactions to interactive and gamified experiences at various points of interest, everything is within your control. Not only does it make the event process lively and enjoyable, but it also allows for the creation of unforgettable moments together with the audience.

Customized Products

We specialize in providing comprehensive customized product services. From understanding your requirements and conceptual design to prototyping and production, we closely collaborate with you to ensure that every detail meets your expectations. Whether it’s personal LED products or custom products for large-scale events, our commitment is to bring your unique product vision to life.

Customized Products


Choose reusable LED bracelets and gain multiple benefits including environmental friendliness, cost-effectiveness, and personalized customization, providing event participants with a unique and sustainable experience. We offer the following three services:

  1. Guest Keepsake Bracelets: As exquisite event memorabilia, these bracelets leave a lasting impression on participants. They become tangible mementos of the event, evoking nostalgia and promoting your brand.

  2. Reusability: We encourage the collection of bracelets after events for redistribution in future occasions. The battery life of the bracelets accommodates multiple events, ensuring prolonged usage and reducing resource waste.

  3. Bracelet Refurbishment: Even after battery depletion, we provide button battery replacement services to rejuvenate your bracelets and prepare them for the next event. This sustainable solution ensures long-term value for your investment.


We offer extensive customization options for logos, functionalities, materials, colors, and packaging to cater to your specific needs.

Wide Application Range

From controlling small-scale parties with a single button to organizing DMX networks for large-scale events

Swift Logistics Efficiency

For exceptionally urgent orders, worldwide delivery will be made within 7 days.


Promoting economic efficiency while ensuring environmental preservation and sustainability.

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