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GFLAI, GF, great for your life.
How did a man become a giant of Chinese leadership in 17 years?
It all started with a dream and a boy.
Seventeen years ago, a boy in Southwest China, Sichuan Province, came to Shenzhen, which is more than 1,000 kilometers away, bearing with a dream and passion, after completing four college life and earning a bachelor’s degree.
At that time, eastern coastal cities are always full of migrant labors from all over the country who came here to make a living. The story begins similarly, as it does for most entrepreneurs. After hunting jobs around, he finally settled in a factory that makes flip phone LED. Still immersed in the joy of finding a job, and having a beautiful vision of the future, who knows, the good times do not last for long. Gradually, some local people found that he was labor from another province, so he began to be excluded and bullied by the local people. At that time, some local people lied that he was a government official and was a bully. In order to get money from him, some local people are checking his residence permit at all times and places. In order to keep blackmailing him, people will even throw away his residence permit. For them, getting out of their clutches is more than just giving away ¥600 a month.
In order to fill his stomach, he would run to the canteen as fast as he could after work because there was nothing to eat when he arrived too late. It was all shift work, and after the night shift, he would lie in bed and do nothing but dream about his future. For money saving, he will eat nothing from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Later, in order to be more efficient in work shifting, but also in order to save labor costs. The boss told him to go to the warehouse, and sleep in there every day, so it will be more convenient for customers to pick up the goods at night. Day After Day, he felt that this life had gradually deviated from his original intention when he came to Shenzhen. He began to realize that he could not go on like this and was determined to make change happen. He was inspired to start his own LED products company and began his entrepreneurial journey.
He gradually began to put his dreams into practice one by one, fund-raising is his first step. He began to raise money, and with a bank loan and the help of his friends, he and two of his former colleagues started their own company. At first, he developed his own products and found factories to turn the designs into products. In his efforts to promote, he gradually gets some small orders. In order to expand his business by providing better quality to customers and increasing the company’s output, he set up his own factory and recruited a group of like-minded people to work together. It was here that he met love met his wife. Just like him, his wife has also majored in technology. The same profession opened up the topic of the two, and they began to gradually discover that there are some similarities in the other side. The same values, the same character and the same expectation for the future. The tacit understanding and cooperation between the two became the basis for working together in the future. Have an understanding of each other, plus a firm belief. They are husband and wife and as well as the best partner for each other.
With the development and widespread of the Internet, he saw a wider world. Also perceived some business opportunities, so began to engage in international trade. In order to communicate more fluently with foreign guests, and also for a better understanding of their needs and the foreign markets, he began to learn English in New Oriental. With the help of his teacher, he worked hard to accumulate English knowledge. From afraid to open mouth to speak English to barrier-free communication, it is the enthusiasm of learning, but also the persistence of dreams which driven him forward.
As we all know, the early stages of a startup are the most difficult period of time. Like most entrepreneurs, they set sail from a small company in Baoan district of Shenzhen with the spirit of dare to venture and dare to fight, and with dreams in their hearts. Several sets of old equipment are all the belongings for the family, small and urgent family workshop is the production plant, tens of thousands of yuan is all their property. Although there is no superior conditions, nor strong capital, they have the drive to spell the end. Over the course of 17 years, from the first small start-up to today’s big company which owns hundreds of employees and has thousands of foreign trade deals, what they have been through are countless lonely nights and countless early mornings. It is these extraordinary hard work, let them in just a few years to get the first bucket of gold, which for both husband and wife, not only life wealth accumulation but also the beginning of the LED product industry valuable experience.
Since ancient times, all ordinary people who want to change their destiny, they have to take risks. Nobody is born to be noble. It is better to have a kind of genius. If you dare not take risks, it is estimated that they will be annihilated in the long river of history, with no name, and be remembered by nobody. Suffering is not worthy of praise. What is worthy of praise is the persistence of perseverance in ambition. There is never a shortage of ambitious people in this world, but having ambition is the first step to success.
This is Mr. Zhao’s legend of entrepreneurial history.
Our mission is to let the product to speak for itself, so customers can come uninvited.
We’ve come a long way, but we’re still going.
We got our sleeves rolled up, we’re ready to roll. Are you Ready?
Where does the name “Gflai” come from?
Shenzhen Greatfavonian Electronics Co., Ltd. Great Favonian stands for Gflai, which means we always do our best and offer our customers the best choice. Lai in Chinese means welcome and embrace. All the intention is to remember our mission, and always put the customer first.
“Do you feel the same way? ”
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In order to help resolve your complaint as quickly as possible, please send the complaint to our Geneal Manager who is Tim Zhao , his email address is [email protected] , we will reply you within 48 Hours or urgent case, please call his mobile +86-13510827999.

1.By T/T ( Telegraphic Transfer ):
Please instruct your banker to transfer the funds as follows:
Beneficiary Bank Name :  Bank of China ( Hong Kong )
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Beneficiary Address : Flt 2003 Wu She Sang Hong,655 Nathan RD,Mongkok Kln,Hong Kong

2.By Western Union Bank ( )
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3. Paypal
Please pay it via Paypal to our account

1. By Express Service ( Door to Door )
We often use Fedex ( ), DHL( ), UPS(, TNT ( for shipping , as usual you can get the goods within 2~5 days after we sent , also you can use the tracking number for checking the state at the main website anytime .
2. By Airfreight Service ( Door to Your Airport )
We can send the goods from our factory to your airport , in this way , you need pick up the goods from your local airport and the charge will be lower than express service , as usual you can get it within 5~8 days .
3. By Sea Shipping Service ( Door to Your Harbor )
If you don’t need the goods urgent , we can send the goods to you by sea , the transport cost will be lower than by airfreight service , but it need spend a longer time .
4. By EMS or Normal Mail ( Door to Your Mailbox )
Sometimes we can do this way for you , but the time is so longer and Chinese post office do not accept the product with battery usually , please ask our sales to confirm this way before you place the order .

We check competitor prices on a regular basis and we make sure our products are the lowest on comparable items. You may see some items that are cheaper than ours that look the same, but when you receive that item you will be disappointed. We use only commercial grade high quality lights. Our threading is extremely smooth, our magnets are strong, our batteries are fresh, and are lights are bright. You cannot compare apples to oranges.

Yes, we can make a custom light(s) for you. We have made many custom lights with our product for different companies, events, and music groups. also we can print your logo on our product for promotional.

If you have biggest quantity product inquiry or you need the product with your design , please send your detail information to us for checking and then we can work out the competitive price for you ASAP .

We sell extra batteries for the customer , also if you need , please tell our sales in advance and then we will send some extra battery with the order together.

As usual our normal delivery time need 15 days after your order is confirmed , but if you need the urgent order , please let us know in first and we will try to process it for you as fast as we can.