New Product

 LED Sound Activated Shutter Shades

Get ready to crazy ! Get these shades right now, that is. GF brand LED audio responsive glasses that light up to the beat of the music. Wear them in the club, music festival, rave, or wherever you can find sound. These glasses automatically adjust the audio sensor according to the volume of the surrounding environment, allowing you to feel like the heartbeat of the rave. Pass it around your group or to random strangers and watch everyone lose their mind. Be that person because you’re PLUR af!

Sound Activated Shutter Shades

  • 100% sound responsive
  • Volume sensing technology automatically calibrates (concert volumes to
  • conversation volumes)
  • Wireless – no battery pack
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery lasts up to 14 hours
  • Includes micro USB cord and USB charger
  • Light bars illuminate to indicate charge level
  • Includes Microfiber protective bag
  • Have the Patent in China

Sound Activated Shutter Shades videothumb