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Best Selling Products:

  LED Voice Activated Sunglasses

LED VOICE ACTIVATED SUNGLASSES is perfect for concerts, party, night clubs, music festivals, holiday parades.

Also great as promotional gift! Wear LED VOICE ACTIVATED SUNGLASSES in the club, music festival, rave, or wherever you can find sound. These glasses automatically adjust the audio sensor according to the volume of the surrounding environment, allow you to feel like the heartbeat of the rave.




  Led Flashing Badge

Our LED Flashing Badge could with magnet, safety pin, butterfly button as you like!

It is perfect to wear on your shirt, clip to your pet, bag or hat, ideal for a promotional gift. These Light Up Clips can go everywhere! These little light clips are perfect for night joggers or night bikers. They look so pretty with the frosted color, you will want to wear them all the time! Don’t hesitate!





  Led Bottle Sticker

LED Bottle Sticker is perfect for party, night clubs, wedding, also great as promotional giveaways!

The LED Bottle Sticker provides an independent light source, and attached with 3M adhesive sticker.It has 3 flashing modes, fast flashing - slow flashing - static light - off.




  LED Flashing Silicone Bracelet

LED Silicone Bracelet is perfect for concerts, party, night clubs, also great as a promotional gift!

Our LED Silicone Bracelet is popular for motion activated. It could be printed with your logo on the battery house or the belt part.





  LED Flashing Silicone Bracelet

led PVC bracelet are a bold, colorful, and vibrant way to promote any message that will draw the attention you need to separate your business from the rest. If your company has a colorful logo, then silkscreen is the optimum choice when it comes to choosing a bracelet style to suit your needs.!

Get creative and use high-contrast colors for maximum viewing impact.





  LED Glow Foam Stick

LED Glow Foam Stick is one of our best seller. Whether it's for your night club, sporting team, company, wedding, fundraiser, or party.

we specialize in customized LED Glow Foam Stick used to promote your event or brand in a unique and fun way.

We will be sure to illuminate the crowd at your next event with a party prop people love!